The Original Spirit-In-Nature Essences

Spirit-in-Nature essences were inspired by the great Indian master, Paramhansa Yogananda, who explained that pure food has sattwic, or elevating energy. They create a vibrational resonance.

Flower essences work on emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual levels. The flower is the most vibrationally potent part of the plant; it’s the reproductive system, which contains 90% of the plant’s life force. The blossom is also the most magnetic, beautiful, and healing aspect of the plant.

To develop these qualities, try these essences:

Calmness:                                                                       LETTUCE
Uplifted Spiritual Awareness:                                    COCONUT
Cheerfulness:                                                                 CHERRY
Simplicity, Guilelessness:                                            SPINACH
Unselfishness:                                                                PEACH
Mental Vitality:                                                              CORN
Mental Strength, Endurance:                                     TOMATO
Self-Assurance:                                                             PINEAPPLE
Humility Rooted in Calmness:                                   BANANA
Flexibility; Self-Acceptance:                                       FIG
Moral Vigor; Moderation:                                           ALMOND
Peace, Emergency:                                                        PEAR
Good Memory:                                                               AVOCADO
Peaceful Clarity:                                                             APPLE
Enthusiasm:                                                                    ORANGE
Purity of Thought:                                                         BLACKBERRY
Tender Sweetness:                                                         DATE
Dignity:                                                                            STRAWBERRY
Kindness, Compassion:                                                RASPBERRY
Love:                                                                                 GRAPE

For more in-depth information about the essences, please click on the name of the essence about which you would like to learn more.

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