Finding Ourself Within Our Self

You may have heard that the best way to overcome a bad habit is simply to replace it with a better one. That works spiritually as well, in that we can learn to replace ego identification with awareness of our Self as Soul.  To do that effectively, however, ones needs experiential proof of our spiritual […]

The Heartfelt Hug

The Heartfelt Hug Stand facing each other, and for a moment, look into each others eyes. Now enter into a gentle embrace. With eyes closed and lifted gently up, open your heart and allow love to flow from your heart to the heart of the person within your embrace. Begin to match your breathing together. […]

12 Illuminating Sanskrit Words for Christmas Yoga Meditations

by Rowan Lommel, yogini and contributing writer visit for more by Rowan Used with Permission The following 12 Sanskrit words can help illuminate your holiday yoga practice and meditations. Yoga Sutra I.36 viśokā vā jyotiṣmatī “We can be free of suffering by paying attention to the light within.” As we move now toward the shortest day […]

Winter Meditation

    by Padma Shyam, contributing writer and Canadian yogi visit for more by Padma Used with Permission     Years ago, when I lived in the Himalayas, there was absolutely nothing to do in the wintertime. The days were bitterly cold and the nights were eerily quiet. Yet in this extreme environment, there was […]

Meditation Increases Our Sense of Connectedness

Compassion/Loving Kindness meditation, sometimes called Metta, is a compassion-based meditation that has been shown to enhance brain areas associated with mental processing and empathy. It also increases one’s sense of social connectedness. According to a study published in the US National Library of Medicine, mindfulness-based meditation interventions have become increasingly popular in contemporary psychology. Other […]

Thinking is Not the Enemy

Have you ever left a meditation unsatisfied, wondering why you can’t seem to quiet the mind, frustrated with restlessness? You’re not the only one. The common credence is that a good meditation is still, the mind is quiet. A meditator’s paradise is the ability to have thoughts at a standstill, and anything less than that […]

Meditating in Nature

“The best and shortest road towards knowledge of truth is Nature.” — Ancient Egyptian Proverb “Unlike our mind, our body and senses are always in the present. Being present in nature makes it much easier for us to inhabit our body and the realm of the senses. Unlike our temperature-controlled houses, the natural world entices […]

Choosing a Meditation Sitting Posture

In addition to consistent practice and meditation technique, with equal importance is probably proper body alignment and comfort. There are various options for meditation postures. Understanding proper body alignment is important and which cushions facilitate proper body alignment allows you to sit correctly and comfortably, allowing deeper meditation. Which Meditation Posture is Right for You? […]

How to Meditate: Learning to Meditate for Beginners

Meditation can be practiced anytime, anywhere, for as little as 10 minutes a day. All you need is a simple, effective technique for calming the mind and relaxing the body, that inspires and motivates you to practice again and again. *Daily meditation for at least 10 minutes per day has proven physical, mental and spiritual health […]