Solving All Those Problems

Being a person with big plans and lots of ideas for the future, I’ve noticed that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the choices and responsibilities. Taking one day at a time helps out, and for a long time I’ve had a framed print in my meditation room that shares that intent. It’s a Yogananda quote. He writes “Live each moment completely and the future will take care of itself.”

Of course, that intent is often easier said then done. Interesting, though, to wonder what he means by “Live each moment completely.” We have to remember that it’s a saint that spoke those words. The word “completely” then, probably means “fully immersed in Spirit,” or in other words, placing our life in God’s grace with as perfect attunement as we are able.

Just today, as I was supposedly meditating, but actually thinking of all the issues that Inner Path is going through at this time, I realized what a mistake it had been to spend that time thinking about those problems during my meditation. My understanding of the issues at hand, and particularly, the guidance on what to do, will much more likely come through raising my consciousness first, because attunement really does need to come first.

With that attunement, we get out of the trap of thinking it’s our life and our problems and therefore our ideas and our solutions. As an aspect of Spirit, we’re really just all mixed in together with the Greater Good, as are the issues we’re working with.

Imagine if we were a drop of water forgetting we were floating in the Sea. What a fool we would be.

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