Our Garden of Consciousness

Perhaps you’ve heard this poem, Our mind is the garden Our thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers Or you can grow weeds.   As my wife, Nancy, and I were admiring the vegetable garden at our home, she commented on how well the garden is doing and credited her earlier effort in the […]

The Everything and the Nothing

As I was lying in the sun today I was thinking of how uncomprehensible Spirit seems to be and how infantile my understanding. It’s easy to think of Spirit as Father, Mother, Friend, and think of the essence of Spirit in our selves and creation. But what is Spirit really? Those little “essences”  seem like […]

Promoting True Change in the World

Editors Note: This article is an excerpt from a larger document that is part of a fund raising effort for projects of Inner Path Los Angeles. THE ISSUE AT HAND As much as we often berate society for the problems of the world, in truth, it really comes down to each one of us, as […]