How to Make Effective Change in the World

With all of the chaos that occurs in the world it can seem at times that we are helpless bystanders unable to assist in an effective way. What can we do, particularly when the problems seem so large and often far away?

Here are some simple guidelines to consider:

Raise Your Consciousness. Without higher consciousness we are simply the “blind leading the blind.” Of what value is that? Attunement to Self is the only way to develop a clear understanding of the world around us. That understanding will bring a sense of peace and inner well-being. It will also bring guidance on other ways we can be of help. Remember that we are experiencing these events for a divine reason. There are lessons to be learned, opportunities to be of service, and moments to remember our True Self.

Follow Your Dharma. Once you’ve learned a path of dharma, follow it. It will help you maintain a constant state of attunement and allow you to be a living example for others to follow. Your peace will also be contagious and allow people you meet to feel peace as well.

Practice Effective Prayer. To be effective in our prayer work, we need to have attunement to Self. Without that attunement, how can we be useful channels for the Light? Once that attunement is in place, then pray. Prayer is often the most useful service you can render to the world, particularly for events that are far away or on a global or national level. Prayer is of Spirit. It is thought forms on the etheric level and thus transcends the mental and emotional thoughts of the common man, as well as anything that is made of matter.

Here’s a quote from Amma that may also be helpful:

We may ask, “Are we human beings too limited to bring a change to the destruction of Mother Earth?”No, we are not! We have infinite power within us, but we are fast asleep and unaware of our strength. This power rises up when we awaken within. Spirituality is life’s greatest secret. It enables us to awaken unlimited but dormant inner power. Earth cannot be changed for the better unless the consciousness of individuals is changed.


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