Seeking God’s Will In Our Life

As anyone knows who has worked with a pendulum or done muscle testing, how one poses the question and their intent behind it, is very important.  For example, there’s a problem when one asks Spirit the simple question, “What’s in my highest good?” Which “my” are we referring to? Even when the “my” is meant to mean “my souls” highest good, the question may still be too vague or “self”  focused.

It all depends on your intent. For some of us, we just want the best life can give us, but that’s “life” with a little “l”. We’re basically talking about a nice relationship, good health, financial abundance, and all the trappings that make life on the planet a little easier. And there’s nothing wrong with asking for those things if that’s the focus of your life.

But for those who seek a deeper relationship to Spirit, the question gets reversed. Just as when you’re in love with someone, you begin to care about them, and that loving care wants to be demonstrated through service to the beloved. Rather then asking “What’s in it for me?” we may be more likely to ask “How can I help you? How can I love you more? How can I merge my life with yours?”

From a yogic perspective, when you give your life in love and surrender to Spirit one begins to focus on the three primary reasons we exist: To love God; to serve Him; and to know Him. It’s as simple as that. Love, serve, remember.

When those three intentions become the focus of our life our relation to Spirit becomes dynamically different. Our daily life revolves around three primary questions: “How can I serve You? Teach me to love You with all of my heart and soul. Teach me to know You and the Truth that we are One.” When God responds to those three requests, our life is forever changed..




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