The Heartfelt Hug

The Heartfelt Hug

Stand facing each other, and for a moment, look into each others eyes. Now enter into a gentle embrace.

With eyes closed and lifted gently up, open your heart and allow love to flow from your heart to the heart of the person within your embrace.

Begin to match your breathing together. A full breath in through the nostrils; An exhalation through the mouth.  Not a strained breathing, but slow and relaxed. One that you can both easily maintain.

As you breathe in feel your chests pressing a little closer together. Imagine your auras commingling and your hearts Divine Love merging as one.

Now, just as if your ear was to your partner’s chest, begin to sense with your heart the heartbeat of the one you are holding. Even if you can’t feel it physically, embrace it, and allow that beating heart to merge with yours, like a gentle hug, within and without.

Stay in that embrace for a few moments longer. When you are done, take a big breath in and a full exhalation out, and allow the embrace to come to an end.

Stand again facing each other and for a moment look into each others eyes. With folded palms at the heart, bid each other Namaste. My soul bows to your soul and honors the Divinity within.

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