Finding Ourself Within Our Self

You may have heard that the best way to overcome a bad habit is simply to replace it with a better one. That works spiritually as well, in that we can learn to replace ego identification with awareness of our Self as Soul.  To do that effectively, however, ones needs experiential proof of our spiritual […]

Our Unity in Spirit

Here’s a song verse for you. Some day I’ll get around to making a video so you can see the song being sung and hear the song in it’s entirety. We are One in the Spirit We are One in the Lord, And we pray on this day That our Oneness be restored. For we […]

Following Our Guidance

When your life is surrendered to Spirit the ego subsides. In that place you can trust your inner guidance. If you’re not there yet, then follow your heart. Feel for the presence of expansion or contraction, and be attentive to not confuse emotion with true feelings of the heart. They are not the same. If […]

Receiving All That We’re Able

People don’t realize that Spirit wants to give us All of Itself. The problem is that we’re often unable to receive it. It’s our sense of “self” that gets in the way and limits our capacity. Paramhansa Yogananda once said, “The ocean cannot be received in a cup unless the cup is made as large […]

Seeking God’s Will In Our Life

As anyone knows who has worked with a pendulum or done muscle testing, how one poses the question and their intent behind it, is very important.  For example, there’s a problem when one asks Spirit the simple question, “What’s in my highest good?” Which “my” are we referring to? Even when the “my” is meant to mean “my souls” highest […]

The Heartfelt Hug

The Heartfelt Hug Stand facing each other, and for a moment, look into each others eyes. Now enter into a gentle embrace. With eyes closed and lifted gently up, open your heart and allow love to flow from your heart to the heart of the person within your embrace. Begin to match your breathing together. […]