O Holy Night: King’s College Cambridge Choir

GRATEFUL: A Love Song to the World

Musicians Nimo Patel and Daniel Nahmod brought together dozens of people from around the world to create this beautiful, heart-opening melody. Inspired by the 21-Day Gratitude Challenge, the song is a celebration of our spirit and all that is a blessing in life. For the 21 Days, over 11,000 participants from 118 countries learned that “gratefulness” is a habit cultivated consciously and a muscle built over time. As a famous Roman, Cicero, once said, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” This soul-stirring music video, created within a week by a team of volunteers, shines the light on all the small things that make up the beautiful fabric of our lives.

http://www.Emptyhandsmusic.com (Nimo Patel)

The Uncommon Yogi: A History of Blacks and Yoga in the U.S.

This short documentary, produced by the Black Yoga Teachers Alliance, provides a historical view of how the practice of yoga moved from the East to the West and how black yoga teachers and practitioners offer and share this ancient healing system in black and other communities in the United States. It was featured at the organization’s inaugural conference in a presentation by Purushka Hickson, who was a student of Swamini Turiyasangitananda (Alice Coltrane), sharing stories and insight about her. This presentation took place on August 27, 2016, which was Swamini’s 79th birthday.

Watch a Demonstration of the Ashtanga Primary Series with Pattabhi Jois

This video is not an exercise video. It is intended for educational, artistic, and spiritual purposes. It is a demonstration of an advanced practice taught by Ashtanga master Pattabhi Jois to six experienced students. If you decide to practice or train with it, proceed at your own risk. This video was filmed in Los Angeles, CA and published in 1993 by Yoga Work Productions. Their hope is to inspire its viewers and, if you want to enjoy the benefits of Ashtanga yoga, do so under the supervision of a certified instructor.

Master Instructor: Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Students: Chuck Miller, Maty Ezraty, Eddie Stern, Tim Miller, Richard Freeman, Karen Haberman.

Outside of their individual studios, these teachers can be sought at the San Diego Ashtanga center: http://ashtangayogaconfluence.com

Yoga to Awaken the Chakras

Yoga to Awaken the Chakras helps you work with the subtle energies of the body, leaving you feeling both calmed and rejuvenated. Beginning with a brief, easy-to-understand explanation of the chakras and the many benefits of working with them, this routine then moves into a step-by-step series of yoga postures designed to help you awaken and direct the energies of each chakra.

Yoga to Awaken the Chakras DVD

Yoga for Busy People

Maximum Benefit – Minimum Time: perfect for beginners or those strapped for time

Yoga for Busy People DVD

What Does “Namaste” Mean?

Lance Secretan’s Meaning of Namaste

The Meaning and Pronunciation of “Namaste”

Namaste: The Ancient Sanskrit Blessing