In Search Of Our Truth

The search for enlightenment, or even just some understanding, can be quickened if we keep a few basic truths in mind. Here’s a short primer for you to consider next time things aren’t going your way.

Disappointment or anger or whatever deep emotion you are feeling (positive or negative) comes from attachment.

Attachment comes from a sense of “me and mine.” (You hurt my feelings. I wanted that toy.)

The sense of “me and mine” comes from the ego.

Our ego, which is identification with our body, mind and emotions, is sustained by our lack of identification with our soul.

In fact, we are Spirit experiencing life through a human body in a three dimensional world.

When we forget our true identity as Spirit it is like a case of amnesia. We are lost in a world and we don’t understand.

It is remembrance of our Self as Soul that allows for a perspective of life that finally makes sense.

But how can we attain that soul remembrance?

Meditation and other forms of going within. More on that to come.


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