What are Malas and Choosing the Right Mala

The use of prayer beads is common to many religious and spiritual traditions.  Known as Malas to the practitioners of Hinduism and Buddhism, we also see them in Christian practice as the Rosaries used for repetitions of the Lord’s Prayer and the Hail Mary, a prayer of intercession to the mother of Christ. Malas are symbols […]

Ayurveda Remedy Guide

Ayurveda is an ancient system of health and healing from India.  The name ‘ayurveda’ literally means, ‘knowledge of life’.  Through diet, herbs and treatments such as massage, the ayurvedic practitioner facilitates his or her client’s returning to a place of balance and optimum health.  We carry internal oils, nasya oils, massage oils and herbal remedies […]

The Original Spirit-In-Nature Essences

Spirit-in-Nature essences were inspired by the great Indian master, Paramhansa Yogananda, who explained that pure food has sattwic, or elevating energy. They create a vibrational resonance. Flower essences work on emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual levels. The flower is the most vibrationally potent part of the plant; it’s the reproductive system, which contains 90% of […]

Ayurveda Remedy Guide – List of Physical Conditions with Remedies

Physical Condition/Need Suggested Products Aging Skin Heavenly After Shower Body Oil Allergies Allergy Relief Oil Bodily Tension Serenity Within Oil, Calm Within Herbs Breath Odor Gum Assist Oil Candida Subtle Shakti Fungal Release Cold or Flu Breathe Clear Oil Colon Cleanse Cleanse Within Herbs Diminished Sexual Function (in men) Solar Rejuv Churna Herbs Dry Nasal […]

Ayurveda Remedy Guide – List of Emotional Conditions with Remedies

Mental/Emotional/Spiritual Condition/Need: Suggested Products: Addictions Divine Intervention Oil Aggravated Pitta Soothing Pitta Magic Allergies Allergy Relief Oil Bad Habits Divine Intervention Oil, Neuro Pattern Release Oil Bad Habits Healing Within Herbs Depression Joyful Heart Herbs Excess Weight Adois Ama Herbs Expansion of Awareness Lightness of Being Herbs Fatigue Calm Within Herbs Guilt Joyful Heart Herbs […]