Inner Path Store – Product Information

One of the goals of Inner Path Lifestyle! is to help you better understand the products within the Inner Path Store. Choice is nice, but sometimes too many choices bring a sense of confusion. In this section our goal is to help provide you with a sense of clarity about your options, allowing you to […]

Ayurveda Remedy Guide

Ayurveda is an ancient system of health and healing from India.  The name ‘ayurveda’ literally means, ‘knowledge of life’.  Through diet, herbs and treatments such as massage, the ayurvedic practitioner facilitates his or her client’s returning to a place of balance and optimum health.  We carry internal oils, nasya oils, massage oils and herbal remedies […]

The Original Spirit-In-Nature Essences

Spirit-in-Nature essences were inspired by the great Indian master, Paramhansa Yogananda, who explained that pure food has sattwic, or elevating energy. They create a vibrational resonance. Flower essences work on emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual levels. The flower is the most vibrationally potent part of the plant; it’s the reproductive system, which contains 90% of […]