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One of the goals of Inner Path Lifestyle! is to help you better understand the products within the Inner Path Store. Choice is nice, but sometimes too many choices bring a sense of confusion. In this section our goal is to help provide you with a sense of clarity about your options, allowing you to be an informed shopper, confident that the choice you make is the best one possible.

Some examples of what we’re working on include more detailed information about such products as Ayurvedic remedies, harmoniums, incense, malas and meditation timers. In fact, pretty much any time there are more than just a few choices you should assume that we will seek to bring clarity to your selection.

To help do this we’re also redesigning the Inner Path Store and reviewing each of the product descriptions. In each case, clarity and ease of understanding are the underlying purpose. As you see the upgrade, your feedback and comments would be appreciated.

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  1. Supriya Goldberg
    Supriya Goldberg says:

    I am particularly interested in the properties of Ayurvedic remedies for many health issues related to aging. I greatly look forward to receiving more information about these products, and how they may be utilized. Thank you for being such a helpful and healthful resource!


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