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If you’ve read the first post on the Inner Path Home site, you’ll know that this is a continuation of explaining the vision and purpose of Inner Path. In this case, the discussion deals with Inner Path Lifestyle, the information and inspiration side of our ministry. The purpose of Inner Path Lifestyle is to provide you with a number of services to enhance your understanding and ability to use yoga in your daily life. That’s actually a big job considering the many facets of our life – health, travel, relationships, meditation, the numerous decisions we make each day – they are each influenced by our level of consciousness and basic life-skill understanding.

Here’s a simple example: You’re in serious traffic and it appears that you’re going to be late to your next appointment. How will you react? What should you do? Depending on your attitude and focus of attention (also called level of consciousness), you could get angry and blame the obvious external circumstances for your unease. You could fret (and get sick doing so) about having to sit in traffic. You could also become anxious about being late and the problems that it will cause. Perhaps there will even be an argument or other complication when you finally arrive at your destination. Not a very happy situation.

Here’s another view: The same situation. The same traffic. You could turn on Kirtan Radio and start chanting along with the music, or do mantra or affirmation. You could thank the Divine for placing you in this perfect situation for your life, knowing that patience and calmness are some of the greatest gifts you can develop, and here’s your chance to put them to the test. You could also say prayers for the possible accident victims that may be the cause of the traffic. And you could comfortably assume, in the Here and Now, and Here and Near Future, that the Greatest Good is manifesting for all concerned.

Those two scenarios of the same situation provide very different responses and in the world of cause and effect, they will also provide different results. Which of the two would you prefer? If you find yourself too often caught in the first response and wonder how to develop the ability to have the second response, you’ve come to the right place.

Listed below are some of the numerous projects we’re working on. Enjoy!

Articles, Videos and Blogs – Simply put, our goal at Inner Path Lifestyle! is to provide you the tools you need to adopt the wonderful resource that yoga can bring to your daily life. Through a library of articles, videos and blogs we will be presenting an every growing base of information to help with that intent. Here’s a short list to give you an idea of what’s to come:

Articles – Some of the topics to be included are meant to increase your understanding and appreciation of yoga, both as a classical spiritual teaching, and how it applies to daily life. Some topics will include a short study of the history of yoga in the U.S. (based on Philip Goldberg’s wonderful book, American Veda), and an understanding of such topics as Patanjali’s yoga sutras, the primary dieties of Hinduism, and basic Sanskrit terms.

Videos – To be best of our ability we hope to establish a library of live recordings of talks of many of the influential yogic teachers of our times. We hope to also have a few especially fun bits and pieces as we find them. Here’s one of Pastor Eddie Smith teaching the term “Namaste”.  If you are able, your help in locating useful articles and videos would be appreciated.

Blogs – We are blessed to have a number of great souls who have offered their services to write on-going series of articles on important subjects. Coming soon will be blogs on Ayurveda, Following Dharma, Hatha Yoga, Health, Meditation, Music and Consciousness, Spiritualizing Your Child’s Education, and Vedic Astrology.

Customer Comments – At Inner Path, God is the Doer and the Receiver. Each of you are held in the highest regard. Consequently, we make every effort to provide the best products available and to give 100% to each person who orders or writes with questions or other concerns. At Inner Path, you’re not just a customer and an order number. Who you are as a Divine Soul is of immediate importance to us. Thankfully, the many comments we receive back confirm the positive effort we put forth. For your review and inspiration, we share some of them here.

Daily Inspiration – Sometimes it’s just one uplifting thought that helps set the direction for our day. If that’s what you’re needing, you may have come to the right place. Each day on the Inner Path websites you’ll find an inspiring quote from one of the many yogic masters that have helped influence yoga in America. Coming soon they’ll be posted on our Facebook page, and available also, as personal emails. We’ll keep you posted as this service expands.

Healing Prayers – Each day at Inner Path we have a period of prayer, affirmation and meditation. During that time we include a Divine Mother prayer for those who have specifically asked for assistance. For those who have had the experience of receiving prayer you know the great blessing that comes. Like a wave of grace, the prayer envelopes one’s consciousness, bringing with it the all-knowing energy of Spirit for healing in body, mind and soul. Even the ones who pray receive a blessing, for the energy flows through them prior to being sent to those we pray for, confirming the biblical saying: It is more blessed to give then receive.

Our goal with the Healing Prayer ministry is to offer you a chance to both receive prayer and offer your prayers as well. Here’s some information to help you do this.

Holy Sites USA – I don’t know about you, but when I go traveling I always look for uplifting environments to visit. The great saint, Paramhansa Yogananda said that “Environment is stronger than will power.” Thus, where we spend our time has an important influence on our well-being, and particularly, our consciousness. Through Holy Sites USA we strive to offer information about the hundreds of wonderful uplifting places one can visit in the United States. Regardless of your faith, these places provide a calm space for reflection and meditation within the chaos of everyday life.

Holy Sites USA is still in it’s early stages of development, but please do take a look, and if you have a particular place that you go to for spiritual upliftment, let us know about it. We’d love to share.  Click here on this hyperlink, plus you’ll also find it listed at the top of the Lifestyle! website. Enjoy!

Inner Path Directory – Coming soon we’ll be creating an important list of resources and services. These will include information on the major yoga organizations in the United States, and useful services such as ayurvedic consultations, pilgrimage tours and vedic astrology readings.

Inner Path Forum – This one’s for you. A place to share your spiritual search, your successes and failures. You’ve perhaps heard the phrase “It takes a community to raise a child.” We’d like to suggest that it takes a community to also grow in consciousness. Why is that? Because we are not alone, and our mutual effort and support assist our growth. Once up and running the first question we’ll be answering is this: “What is my Inner Path.”

Kirtan Radio – Needing some uplifting music in your life? Kirtan Radio, our on-line radio station features kirtan music, 24 hours a day, from a wide variety of musicians. These include many that you have heard of, such as Krishna Das and Deva Premal, but also many you may not know about, including Swami Nirvanananda, Simrit Kaur and the Gurubhakti Brothers. Although still in development, the web radio station is already on-line for your listening pleasure and upliftment. Click on the Kirtan Radio hyperlink if you would like to see its progress and listen in. Enjoy!

Product Information – One of the goals of Inner Path Lifestyle! is to help you better understand the products within the Inner Path Store. Choice is nice, but sometimes too many choices bring a sense of confusion. In this section our goal is to help provide you with a sense of clarity about your options, allowing you to be an informed shopper, confident that the choice you make is the best one possible. Some examples of what we’re working on include more detailed information about such products as Ayurvedic remediesharmoniumsincense,malas and meditation timers. In fact, pretty much any time there are more than just a few choices you should assume that we will seek to bring clarity to your selection.

To help do this we’re also redesigning the Inner Path Store and reviewing each of the product descriptions. In each case, clarity and ease of understanding are the underlying purpose. As you see the upgrade, your feedback and comments would be appreciated.

Spiritual Crisis Hotline – In my younger days I used to work on Crisis Phone Lines helping people who were on drug overdoses, lonely or distraught. The purpose of this hotline is not too different, but is meant particularly for those who are in spiritual crisis, which is to say, questioning the purpose of life and their relationship to Spirit.

The teachings of Yoga are uniquely qualified to provide wonderful life-saving answers to those questions.  These answers are found through three aspects of Sanatan Dharma – Sankhya, Vedanta and Yoga. Briefly explained, Sankhya discusses the unique problem we face, our sense of isolation and unfulfillment. Vedanta shares the experience derived from living a life in attunement with Spirit, and Yoga shows the way.

Once developed, the Hotline website will discuss these topics as well as have spiritual counselors available by phone and email to ease the burden of those who call.

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