Qualities of Plant and Flower Essences by Paramhansa Yogananda

Spirit-in-Nature essences were inspired by the internationally acclaimed metaphysician, Paramhansa Yogananda. Research, case histories, and testimonials have backed these findings since 1977, making them the oldest flower essence line outside the UK. These flower essences are based on the psychological qualities of 20 different fruit and vegetable blossoms.

Yogananda explained that the most pure foods (including flowers of plants like grapes, pear, apple, lettuce, etc.)  has sattwic, or elevating energy; versus lower energy vibration food like processed food, red meat, or ice cream.

Every food we eat creates a unique vibration of energy that has a different effect on the body, mind, and soul.

Yogananda described the unique qualities that various foods contain:

Calmness:                                                                            LETTUCE
Uplifted Spiritual Awareness:                                    COCONUT
Cheerfulness:                                                                      CHERRY
Simplicity, Guilelessness:                                            SPINACH
Unselfishness:                                                                        PEACH
Mental Vitality:                                                                       CORN
Mental Strength, Endurance:                                      TOMATO
Self-Assurance:                                                           PINEAPPLE
Humility Rooted in Calmness:                                   BANANA
Flexibility; Self-Acceptance:                                                  FIG
Moral Vigor; Moderation:                                            ALMOND
Peace, Emergency:                                                                 PEAR
Good Memory:                                                               AVOCADO
Peaceful Clarity:                                                                    APPLE
Enthusiasm:                                                                        ORANGE
Purity of Thought:                                                 BLACKBERRY
Tender Sweetness:                                                                  DATE
Dignity:                                                                     STRAWBERRY
Kindness, Compassion:                                          RASPBERRY
Love:                                                                                         GRAPE

What is the right flower essence for you?

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