Our Unity in Spirit

Here’s a song verse for you. Some day I’ll get around to making a video so you can see the song being sung and hear the song in it’s entirety.

We are One in the Spirit

We are One in the Lord,

And we pray on this day

That our Oneness be restored.

For we know we are all brothers

and sisters in the Lord.

And pray this day, O Lord our God

May our Oneness be restored.

Now in Truth, of course, we already are One in Spirit, and already are brothers and sisters in the Lord. But so often we forget and instead see and feel primarily separateness in our world rather then unity.

Why is that? It’s because maya, the delusive veil of creation, creates a sense of separation, whereas Divinity, which is the Source of our Life, unifies.

Due to maya we see all creation as separate and individual, and fail to see the common Light within all that exists. We focus on creation instead of the Creator, just as we focus on the images on a movie screen, rather then the beam of light projecting those images, or the film on which those images are sealed. Neither do we think of the mechanism for showing the film, nor the Director or the script.

Imagine all the times you have seen a beautiful multi-colored rainbow, but how often did you think of the singular white light from which it comes?

The veil of maya is so enchanting that we can spend incarnations in complete forgetfulness of our Self. I hope that upsets some of you who read these words. That it stirs you to strive for a sense of wakefulness in Self. We can walk in the dream of maya, and we can be actors and actresses within the great Drama of Creation, but we don’t have to do it asleep.

It’s okay to be awake. It’s okay to know your script and play your part as an awakened soul. I assure you, the Great Director of Creation, much prefers it that way, and so will you.



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