The Heartfelt Hug

The Heartfelt Hug Stand facing each other, and for a moment, look into each others eyes. Now enter into a gentle embrace. With eyes closed and lifted gently up, open your heart and allow love to flow from your heart to the heart of the person within your embrace. Begin to match your breathing together. […]

In Search Of Our Truth

The search for enlightenment, or even just some understanding, can be quickened if we keep a few basic truths in mind. Here’s a short primer for you to consider next time things aren’t going your way. Disappointment or anger or whatever deep emotion you are feeling (positive or negative) comes from attachment. Attachment comes from […]

Reaching your center

Welcome to the Inner Path Lifestyle!

The purpose of Inner Path Lifestyle is to provide you with a number of services to enhance your understanding and ability to use yoga in your daily life. That’s actually a big job considering the many facets of our life – health, travel, relationships, meditation, the numerous decisions we make each day – they are each influenced by our level of consciousness and basic life-skill understanding.